Book Indexes and Miscellaneous Lists

for the Coquille Valley

Transcribed by Robyn Greenlund and Marilee Miller

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Book Indexes:

  • An Index to Myrtle Point Beginnings, by Curt Beckham, 1984.
    Stories and history of the town of Myrtle Point from 1850 - 1984. The index includes a table of contents; pictorial table of contents; and index of all of the 570 names, schools, buildings and places mentioned in the book; a short summary of what is covered by each index entry; the year the event occurred; a list of known errors; a timeline for the book and an categorized timeline.

  • Early Day Stories, by miscellaneous Coos County writers, 1944-1945 contest.
    A collection of eight stories submitted by adults for a 1944 story contest. These stories are bound together in one volume. When indexed, there are over 150 names and places referenced in this work.

  • Myrtle Point Pioneer Cemetery Obituary Any Name Index, by Mary Ellen Robertson for the Coquille Valley Genealogy Club
    An index of every name contained in the obituaries for the Myrtle Point Pioneer Cemetery Obituary book. The index includes an indication of those names which have the full obituary, and a method for requesting lookups or obtaining a copy of this book.

  • A Century of Coos and Curry : History of Southwest Oregon Table of Contents, by Emil R. Peterson and Alfred Powers; assisted by many hands, 1952.
    The table of contents to the 1952 publication by the Coos County Historical Society. The book features the history of the area and has a list of the pioneer family names in the front. It has a number of small family biographies and an index. Several copies of the reprint of this book are still available from the Historical Society.

  • Tioga's Pigs, by E.A. Krewson, 1955.
    E.A. Krewson has spent his life following the streams and climbing the mountains of Coos and Curry counties. He has seen hinterlands become civilized--but he knows where the country is unchanged. What he has found in his wanderings he put into this story, and thus preserved a section of this historic Northwest in some of the most charming, authentic nature prose ever assembled by a woodsman with literary "know-how". The book focuses for most of the story on Brewster Valley, now Sitkum, from the 1850's until about 1910.

  • Hangman's Call : the Executions and Lynchings of Coos County, Oregon 1854-1925 by Andie E. Jensen, 2009
    Hangman's Call offers a historical account of the hangings which occurred within and for Coos County, Oregon. Three legal executions took place in Empire City and three, for Coos County at the State Penitentiary in Salem. There were also several hangings conducted outside the judicial system. Those hangings happened in Marshfield (present day Coos Bay), Randolph, and Port Orford when it was part of Coos County.
    Copies of this book are available online here.

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